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Providing AI-as-a-Service helping your company form an end-to-end AI/ML strategy that solves Real Problems, no Buzz-Words

What is League of AI?


Offering AI-as-a-Service (Artificial Intelligence) to assist companies in forming AI/Machine-Learning strategies for their business. We have experience with AL/ML across many domains including Cyber Security, Fraud, IoT, Industrial, Robotics and Telecommunications. We believe in developing new technologies that are "transformational" and not incremental. Delivering new innovation that is proactive, predictive, and preventative. Intelligent cognitive cloud solutions that are transformational in reducing costs, decreasing cycle times and increasing capabilities. 

Swarms of AI-Bots

LofAI develops AI-Bot Swarming software Building Blocks that we can leverage for some of our customers. We innovated a unique approach to an AI-Bot swarm that enables squads of AI-Bots, Humans and even physical Robots to form innovate solutions for a given domain problem. The squad collaborates, cooperates through Chat-Bots and reaches consensus to accelerate problem solving capabilities. Like a swarm of bees or an army of ants, swarming intelligence is the next frontier of AI. LofAI is currently seeking early-stage seed investors to accelerate our industry leadership in AI-Bot Swarming Intelligence across many horizontal domains including cyber security.

AI Strategies and Expert-for-a-Day Services

The league of AI welcomes businesses that desire to add AI capabilities to differentiate and solve tough domain problems. Not everyone can afford full time experts on staff. We offer a part time AIaaS service whether it is CTO-for a day, Chief Scientist-for-a-day, CMO-for-a-day, or even part time CEO-for-a-day (strategy consultant). For example, startups pay a monthly retainer to bring on Tom Caldwell as part-time CTO to help them build a successful AI/ML cloud program or product. Our consulting services are used by startups and larger corporations.  All of our team members are seasoned professionals with exceptional track records.

Meet the Team

Thomas Caldwell

An expert in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Software Architectures and a veteran of Cisco and Microsoft. Tom has deep expertise in delivering AI solutions, machine learning algorithms and cloud-based software products at large scale. Most recently Tom was Co-Founder of CyberFlow Analytics, a Network Behavioral Analytics startup. CyberFlow was acquired by Webroot in 2016. Thomas was a speaker on AI at RSA and Interop this year. With an MS in Computer Science, he has more than 20 years experience in analytics and software engineering.  

The League

A network of industry colleagues that make up the league of AI. We collaborate, cooperate and often reach consensus around new Artificial Intelligence solutions. We can create Chat-bots who talk to AI-Bots and talk to humans. The league consists of industry leaders that consult, write blogs and are frequent speakers at events. This includes seasoned CTOs, CMOs, Chief Scientists in AI/ML and even a CEO who has taken a company public.

League of AI-Bots

We have developed best-practice designs, software building blocks and layered innovation for the league that contain AI-Bots (distributed software) with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-Bots specialists can be Chat-Bots that talk to human and/or Robots, ML-Bots that interpret and filter errors in Machine Learning models. There are many other types of AI-Bots specialists in the swarm. AI-Bots can be virtual, be the brains of robots or drones, even be installed on vehicles. This swarm can communicate, collaborate and reach consensus with humans in the cloud to accelerate solving the toughest problems.


Virtual CTO/Chief Scientist

Many startups come to me and ask if I can be a part-time CTO or bring in a Virtual Chief Scientist, helping them define their AI and Machine Learning strategies to help drive their company valuations. I work with their engineering team and executives to define a business and technical strategy to prototype and put in production. The team can also help the marketing and sales organizations deliver the right messages and RFPs in alignment with the strategy.

Predictive Asset Management

Our customers need predictive, proactive and preventative AI/ML strategy for managing facility and IoT assets of distributed equipment across an entire country. Know when failures from equipment behavior and human behavior will affect your customer's operations. Our AI-Bot framework can focus on key areas of your maintenance business to make you smarter and more predictive for outages.


Medical professionals want an AI/ML strategy for enabling predictive, proactive and preventative analytics to solve a specific healthcare problem. Our AI-Bots can talk to medical experts to collectively perform causal analysis and discover new patterns of knowledge. A cloud framework to collaborate, cooperate and reach consensus to solve tough problems. Experts in behavioral and data analysis.

Cyber Security

We are experts in Cyber Security with vast hands-on experience and can help propose and design an AI security strategy for your enterprise. This includes an efficient, cloud streaming data infrastructure for anomaly detection with unsupervised learning and supervised learning to detect malware behaviors.  You have vast data sources of intelligence, we can help you enable a predictive, proactive and preventative posture with these assets.

AI-Bot Innovation

We are planning the next generation of AI-Bot swarms, working with early adopter customers to solve very tough problems. Whether you are an investor or a company with a difficult problem to solve, our AI-Bot swarming platform can add transformative value. We leverage a swarm of AI-Bots that can collectively communicate with humans. AI-Bots drive Machine Learning models with interpretation layers. We can also monitor the state of entities (devices, people, IoT, assets) and understand how they transition from good to bad

Turning Data into Behaviors

Customers have lots of data which we call "intelligence" and they want to have predictive and proactive analysis of that data. They want new efficient cloud infrastructures like Kafka to operationalize AI-aaS. We can deliver the entire strategy for execution that aligns well with your business vision. Then work with your engineers to get them trained and executing to the new AI-ML strategy.

How we Work with Customers

Customers ask "How can I add AI to my business?". We build a business and technical strategy they can execute and refine it to their requirements. We advise across a four-step process:

  1. A senior strategy expert (or small team of experts) is hired on a retainer to work in your environment and design and develop a business and technical AI/ML strategy for your team. We outline resources your may need to be successful  and can help find them. (think CTO for a day model)
  2. We work side-by-side with your team to design an AI/ML sandbox and set of engineering resources in AWS or Azure. Then build a series of rapid prototypes for your customers to evaluate.
  3. Upon approval we move to a mature production implementation plan that we help your team execute (Prepare, Plan, Develop, Implement, Operate, Optimize)
  4. We perform a ToI (Transfer of Information) to your staff along with maintenance, advising and support services to ensure they are successful. We have the marketing resources to ensure a proper execution strategy for your sales and marketing staff.

We de-risk your AI/Machine Learning strategies by providing a layer of industry experts without the need to hire FTE expert employees. Our experience spans Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Paypal and many other tier 1 companies. Our startup-friendly fees are designed around a "CTO for a day" model, meaning you can hire our services and for a day(s) we wake up like your your top expert employees and think of nothing else but working for you. At a fraction of the price of a senior staff of hard-to-find experts. We call it AI-as-a-Service.

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