Cognitive AI Innovation Center

Cyber Security, Cloud and Networks


League of AI has established a San Diego Research Innovation Center led by Nir Daliot for development of intelligent technology stacks in the cloud to battle a new generation of cyber security threats. Whether it is a new variant of EternalBlue or SamSam, League of AI has a set of experts that is dissecting and building a Cognitive AI and swarm of AI-Bots (a good botnet) to help organizations combat a set of threat actors who may be using AI and Machine Learning to break into your organization.  We also work with University programs to enable partnerships in making the world a better place with new AI innovation while at the same time exploring putting the guard rails on AI. 

The League of AI has a recommended cloud software architecture and a set of initial open source building blocks that are considered best-of-breed and runs as a prototype in Amazon AWS. It is cloud-agnostic and can run in other popular public or private clouds. It is based on a big data streaming time-series data architecture which enables it to use cognitive computing, AI, Machine Learning and analytics to evaluate a stream of ingested data. Our current ongoing projects at League of AI include Cognitive Robotics, Cyber Security SIEM and Network Telemetry solutions. 

League of AI already has a number of customers who desire to have us design and/or build a Cognitive Engine targeted for their domain or their vendor product solution. While our main focus is on Cyber Security, we can enable other Domain solutions and vertical applications such as IoT, Healthcare and Financial Services.

We can also partner with you to form a security strategy around your IoT device that you are bringing to market or the IoT devices you may have deployed across your smart city or company. 

Nir Daliot leads the technology focus at the Research Center. The consultants and affiliates of the center represent a set of experts in various disciplines that want to help make the cyber world be a safer place for all our families to live. The Research Center can assemble a swarm of humans and machines (AI-Bots) to communicate, collaborate and reach consensus around a mission or a domain application. 

Contact Nir Daliot and Tom Caldwell at to discuss having the Research Center support your Cognitive AI project.