League of AI Security Services

Cyber Checkup and Audit

League of AI has announced a new Cognitive AI Cyber Security Research Lab to offer a set of threat protection and strategy advisory services. There are many companies who want a “cyber checkup” on their Security Posture of their organization. League of AI offers a number of services that can start out as small checkups and evolve to helping your security or IT team beef up their Cyber Security capabilities. We can offer a Pen Testing service from the outside or the inside of your network. 



We are the “League of AI” and experts in Cyber Security and in helping you leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in your threat defense system. We can start by using traditional security assessment tools, knowledge and experience to plug the holes in your threat landscape and risk profile. We can make recommendations on how to add AI/Machine-Learning into your security tool set. We can check your rules configuration on your firewalls or check the configuration on critical assets that are key to protecting your organization’s crown jewels. We can develop a set of lightweight AI-Bots that integrate your security tools and notify you via Slack when dangers exist and there are Indicators of Risk that are emerging. 

At League of AI we believe that Security Operations Centers (SOC) require a new paradigm to be effective, especially when the attackers may now be using AI/Machine-Learning technology (Attack Bots) in their attack vectors:

  • Automation where it hurts the most
  • Visualization Tools which “Connect the Dots” on a potential breach
  • Combine the strengths of Humans and Machines
  • Create unified Workflow and a seamless investigation Workspace
  • Use machines to Model how attackers operate and Automate the way analysts Investigate

Contact us today and we can discuss how to help you with your Cyber Security checkup!


Cyber Security Services

  • Pen testing
  • Threat Assessment
  • Supply Chain Assessments, how secure are the vendors you work with?
  • Email and passwords - check if your employee personal data has been compromised by data breaches and are out there exposed on the Internet. 
  • IoT - Detect IoT devices to identify whether credentials have been changed or if the device is still using the factory setting. Are all your security cameras safe or already compromised by a Mirai Botnet?
  • Cloud Application - Discover subdomains of a target organization which point to external services like Amazon S3, Github, Facebook and others that expose the supply chain to attacks. We can help advise on Amazon or Azure best practices for securing your cloud services and the connections to your private cloud data center. 

League of AI can also help advise on how to adopt Artificial Intelligence to lower the time to detect threats and also automate many of your security operation workflows. We design and build “Cognitive Engines” for our clients in various domains. Upgrade to Cognitive Security with League of AI services! Contact us for more to discuss how we can assist you in protecting your business or organization